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The popular dance show, “So You Think You Can Dance”, has amazing talent this year.  It seems like every top dancer in America tried out, so this will be some of the hardest elimination rounds yet.  It is tough to make cuts when the talent is so strong, but someone has to go. 

Tonight the judges had the unpleasant job of having to cut Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor, Jr.  It was a shame to see Robert go home, because he was funny and added humor to the show.  The next rounds will likely become more and more challenging, causing the judges stress level to increase.

Who do you think will go all the way?  It is still too early for me to tell, they all are just so good!

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The British have now joined in the recent protests happening in many countries around the world.  Today over 750,000 public sector worker’s; including teachers, police officers, public transit employees and others held a 24-hour strike.  Reports suggest over 12,000 schools were closed due to the strike, and many disruptions were felt throughout London. 

Public sector employees coordinated the strike today, because they are upset over new policies which would cut their pension, but increase the amount they put in monthly by about $150 pounds.  They are also looking to raise the retirement age.  The British government basically is moving to adopt tough austerity measures.

Well, I guess they have to join the crowd.  We American’s have been working longer for less for some time now.  Looks like 2012 may be the end all right, the end of the happy good life!

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The season finale of the new singing competition ‘The Voice’ announced the winner tonight.  Javier Colon took home the top prize of $100,000, a recording contract and the title of “The Voice”.  In watching the show periodically this season, he was my top choice, therefore, his winning was expected. 

Although the remaining finalist had incredible voices, Javier has the overall package and “superstar” qualities.  Since this show was picked up for another season, in my opinion, he was one of the main reasons for the renewal.  If Javier was not on the show, quite frankly it probably would not have been set on my Tivo to record.

It was good to see the public get it right.  Javier Colon deserved to win and we are certain to see him at the top of the charts soon.  He also appeared to be a good husband and father to his small children, making him a great role model, which added to his appeal. 

Hoping he has an abundance of success, happiness and longevity. Rock’em out Javier!

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CHICAGO politicians scrapped the annual holiday fireworks show this year.  They were canceled by our former Mayor, Richard Daley, so we cannot blame our new Mayor.  The reason given for the cancellation was to save money, but was this really a good decision?  The annual Independence Day fireworks show typically draws over a million visitors to the city each year. 

The July 3rd event, wrapping up the Taste of Chicago, created excitement and allowed business owners to increase revenue.  But with the loss of heightened traffic; restaurants, shops, hotels, taxicabs, and even public transportation will lose out this year.  Taxes received on the revenue generated will also be lost.  So they saved money on the actual event, but did they lose more in the end.  It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the true savings, when you count the lost revenue. 

The final outcome would probably show a greater loss than gain.  Our new Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants full transparency, posting the salaries of city workers in recently.  Why not show us the true savings of the canceled fireworks show, how about posting that on the City of Chicago website.  It would be good to see.  

Mr. Mayor can you please make that happen?  What’s next…The end of the Taste of Chicago? 

Well, for the die-hard fans of exciting lights in the sky, Chicago’s only official fireworks show will be held July 4th (9pm) at Navy Pier.  Thank the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, they paid for your 15 minutes of entertainment.

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Now this is a first. Port Authority workers reported that hundreds of diamondback turtles covered the runway this morning, halting flights at JFK Airport.  They captured about 78 terrapins which escaped the waters of Jamaica Bay, scouting for a spot to breed.  It appears the turtles felt a runway was an exciting spot.

Pilots had the unfortunate job of sharing the ridiculous news with the many passengers waiting for an update on the delay.  Their flights were behind for up to 90 minutes, until the turtles could slowly land in a safe place.  It must have been a hard thing to believe, it sounds like a pilots excuse for delays, similar to a child without their homework; “The turtles made me late.” That sounds unbelievable!

Now that is what you call, bringing an airport to a crawl.


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WALMART announced today, they will lower gas prices up to 10 cents per gallon at their stations.  This is good news for consumer’s sick of paying incredibly high amounts at the pump.  But this is especially great to hear for Chicago residents, who pay the highest in the nation

Good someone is rolling back prices…if gas gets any higher, many will go back to scooter’s or horses.  But don’t get too used to the price reduction, it will only last about three months!

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The FDA has voted 6-0 against the use of Avastin, which is currently the best-selling drug available for breast cancer patients.  It was voted down because the panel thought the drug had very little benefit and dangerous side effects.

While many patients currently taking the drug disagree with the panel, their votes do not seem to matter at this point.  The drug still has one more round of votes before being officially rejected, but reports suggest the vote is likely to stick.  It was surprising to hear the proposed removal of Avastin was due to the side effects,  because if you watch commercials for many other drugs, they have scary risks and are approved.

Does money have something to do with this vote?  It always seems to come down to that, not just because they care about someones health.  If that was the case, many drugs would have been pulled off the shelves long ago.

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It was sad to hear that former Illinois first lady, Lura Lynn Ryan, died today at the age of 76-years-old.  She struggled through a long painful illness with cancer for many years and finally passed away at Riverside Medical Center.  Lura was diagnosed with lung cancer and hospitalized for complications reportedly from her chemotherapy.

While former Governor George Ryan was sent to prison for corruption, she spent her final years hoping in vain, for his release.  During her 55-years of marriage she certainly could not have foreseen spending her last years on earth, fighting for his freedom.  It was bad enough she was diagnosed with cancer, but to see her husband sent to prison during their retirement years, must have added salt to the wound. 

She supported him until her death and kept faithful throughout the years, maintaining her belief that he did nothing wrong during his political career.  It was unfortunate he was unable to also support her during her illness.

The former governor is still serving time in prison on federal corruption charges and is pushing hard to attend her funeral services.  News outlets reported that he was by her side as she passed away.

It is a tragedy that her last years were spent in poor health and she had to use her remaining energy trying to clear his name.  What a shame.

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It was sad to see the superstar sister’s get bumped out of Wimbledon on the very same day.  Venus and Serena Williams lost today, which was the first time during their careers, they both lost at Wimbledon on the same day.

Nadal, Fish, and Federer advance leaving the front runner’s in the wind and causing many to gasp. With the favorites out of the competition, it is likely to cause a drop in viewer’s, which is not good news for sponsor’s.

This is a sad day for tennis fans.


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Tonight the “Bachelorette” had a lot of twists and turns.  Ashley FINALLY saw the light and confronted Bentley during his surprise visit to Hong Kong.  It was great to see her figure out his deceit and fake behavior, even if it took her much longer than the rest of us. 

Bentley even had a shocked look on his smug face and actually seemed slightly embarrassed as she ripped into his lies. Ashley was able to get bit of revenge by telling him something to put him in check; “You could have called instead of flying around the world to talk to me.”  It seems like the period replaced the dot-dot-dot tonight, which was a relief to all the women around the world.  Bentley may find himself with a period at the end of every potential relationship, after making a fool of himself on national television. 

But what surprised me most about tonight, is the reaction from the men when she told them she had met with Bentley to find closure.  Many of them whined like little insecure women and could not handle the news.  Seriously, they need to grow up.  It’s only been a short time that she has known any of them, what did they expect? 

The only one who truly handled it like a “real man” was J.P., which put him at the top of my list for a guaranteed spot to seal the deal.  If Ashley does not pick J.P. in the end, she may need to read up on how a mature man acts when he hears something “hurtful”.  The guys were a real disappointment tonight, especially Lucas and the “Dentist”, good he went home, he was the worst of the worst. 

Bentley has a “Bad Boy” image which makes him look more like a loser now, hopefully he is happy with the outcome.  Maybe he will be the new Bachelor…Not!

The six remaining men are listed below…guess who went home:

J.P., 34, Construction Manager, New York, NY – TOP PICK!

Constantine, 30, Restaurant Owner,  Atlanta, GA

Ames, 31, Portfolio Manager, New York, NY

Ben F., 28, Winemaker, Sonoma, CA

Lucas, 30, Oil Field Equipment Distributor, Odessa, TX

Ryan P, 31, Solar Energy Executive from Corona Del Mar, CA

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