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Don’t ask Don’t tell…gimme a BREAK!

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Why would this stupid policy even have started in the first place?  Not sure why politicians would be voting on someone disclosing their sexual orientation in the first place, but this continues to annoy me.  If someone is gay or straight, what the hell is the difference if they are fighting a war for our country.

Do they now ask everyone joining the military, to share their entire love history prior to joining the services? Is it now the policy to keep your flamboyant actions under control until your military career is over?  Why don’t the politicians go figure out how the hell they will find a way to get the economy back on track, and increase jobs in America.  That would be better time spent, then worrying about what sexual orientation a person is before fighting a war. Gimme a break…find something better to do.

I know a lot of people have strong feelings about this, but truly what is the big deal?  What the heck does “don’t ask don’t tell” mean anyway? Oh wait, that is what they use when running for office! Don’t ask don’t tell, is what they say when they are telling all those lies, to win the race!

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