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New Year’s Eve TV tradition SUCKED!

So was it just me, or did the New Year’s eve t.v. programming suck this year?  This year we planned a Mexican theme, and had a taco fiesta with family and friends.  We then turned on our t.v. as usual to watch the New Year’s eve count down shows, local to Chicago.  My favorite is ABC, so of course that was my first choice.  About 30 minutes in, we all realized it was not as good as usual, so we flipped around disappointed with our options.  So we went back to our favorite channel hoping for a change.  Boy were we wrong!

It appears their goals were too ambitious, as they went from venue to venue, never allowing a performer to finish a song.  Panning in at the crowd, when the fireworks show was on. Having brief moments with Dick Clark, that were touching, but a bit depressing, as he looked in poor health.  The singers that were chosen had trouble with their pitch for the most part, with the exception of a Whitney Houston cover song, which was incredible, until they cut it mid-song.  As for Ryan Seacreast, he would have been good, had they let him finish a sentence before cutting back to Fergie, who I adore but also did not have a chance.

What happened to the good ole’ days of one host, a proper countdown show, that did not cut to a challenge and some bit on smoking as the minutes to midnight approached.  They did not even count us down at the right moment, which almost made us miss the official strike of the clock, because my clock was a bit off. 

Next year,  I hope they go back to the basics and give us a proper countdown, or I may have to actually go out to a club.


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