06 Jan

Is the Michael Jackson trial, currently on day two, going to mimic the O.J Simpson trial?  Only time will tell, but it is an interesting case and will definitely receive worldwide coverage.  On the second day, Alberto Alverez testified, and he did not offer a good out, for the “Good Doctor”.   It is unfortunate, that so many will testify against Dr. Murray, because it will probably ensure his loss of freedom.

Whether he knew MJ was in serious trouble leading up to his death, will probably not matter when the verdict is read.  Jurors will most likely think as we all do, “he should have known better”.  I wonder if Dr. Murray is in a daze wondering if all the money he was paid, was worth his freedom.  Certainly he thinks he should have chosen a different path, as we all have choices in life and chasing the golden ticket, is typically not the answer.  Only time will tell what his outcome will be, but we know other doctor’s will think twice about contributing to others’ addiction, for an easy payday.


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Posted by on January 6, 2011 in ENTERTAINMENT



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