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During the past few years, the Mexican drug cartel has been completely out of control.  Approximately 30,000 people have been kidnapped, decapitated and/or assassinated, but it appears the U.S. networks have put the story on the back burner.  It was finally featured on 60 Minutes tonight, but it has really not been given the attention it deserves. 

Most may be afraid to talk about the subject, as top officials in Mexico who try to fight crime, have been executed.  The Mayor of Santiago, politicians, police captains, police officers, news reporters and regular citizens, and reporters, have been killed during this mayhem.  A new police chief was even killed, while being interviewed by the news.  He was gunned down right in front of his wife, along with the cameraman and reporter covering the story.  Recent reports also claim the killings have spread from Mexico City, to Acapulco and surrounding cities.

It has now also reached our borders and some have even warned against visiting Mexico at all.  Last week during the Sun Bowl, football players were even advised not to enter the city, due to the violence. Many in Texas fear being kidnapped, as they have heard stories about friends and family being targeted.  Ransom is typically asked for by the cartel, but even when paid, does not guarantee a safe return. 

This is a serious problem and no real answers to combat this issue, seem to be in the works.  Will it need to hit home, for the local media to start covering these outrageous happenings, or will they continue to sweep it under the carpet?  I have no plans of going to Mexico anytime soon, how about you?


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While playing my Call of Duty game online last night, I had my first “gay bashing experience”. It would have never occurred to me, to happen while playing a game, but it did.  As a straight woman, married for nearly twelve years, it did not seem possible, for me to be the target.

It was an hour into my game, when I came across players using the Bluetooth device, players use to chat while playing on-line.  It was going fine, until an older man, joined our game.  As we played, I heard him shouting homosexual slurs, and thought he was talking to someone in his house.  He cursed, used  derogatory phrases, and the most offensive language I had ever heard.  This went on for a while, and then I realized he was screaming them each time I spoke.  “That’s strange”, I thought to myself, and after it happened several times, I realized he was targeting me.  “Are you talking to me”, I said to the very angry man.  He confirmed he was, and boy was I surprised.  I was so upset, it caused me to begin defending myself, as though I were gay, during his long rant.  He apparently thought I was a gay man, probably due to my raspy voice.  In the end, he left the game, but I was left feeling insulted and humiliated.  I now sincerely understand, what many homosexuals must feel, when they are targeted.

This experience opened my eyes to the deep hatred, some have toward gay people.  It also made me think about others who are chastised, for various things like; being overweight, physically or mentally challenged, the unpopular child in school or anyone, who is not considered “the norm”.

So to all the unique individuals out there, this is for you.  As Pink would say, “Raise your glass if you’re wrong in all the right ways”.  Her new song is dedicated to those who are viewed as misfits, and we thank her for that.  The next time you decide to chastise someone, for anything at all, remember it can happen to you.

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Gabrielle Giffords

Good news, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is alert and responding after surgery for a gunshot wound to her head. Doctor’s report, “she is able to communicate and bullet did not cross from one hemisphere of her brain to the other”. Gifford was shot in the head yesterday, at a Safeway grocery store, in Tuscon Arizona.  Six others were not so lucky, when they died in the shooting.  Others are clinging to life, and are in serious condition.

 While this appears to be a sign of her recovery, it will likely take time to get back to “normal”.  It is still to be seen, if she will be able to return to her post as Congresswoman, or if she will even want to after this ordeal.  Although it sounds like she will pull through, it is sad that so many others weren’t that lucky. 

If we are to end the wars, and terrorism, we have to begin in our own nation.  Gun violence is still a problem, when will it be addressed.  Why not put that on the politicians agenda for discussion?  How could a 22-year old, mentally ill man, still have the ability to purchase a gun in the first place?  Healthcare debates continue, why don’t they debate about guns?

Charges are expected to be filed against Jared Loughner, for the shooting.  No news on his reason, but it is confirmed, he used a Glock.


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