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All you “wanna be” bloggers out there, listen up!  While I am a new blogger, during the past thirty days, I received 30,000 views! I may have found the secret on what works to drive people to your blog.  In a very unscientific review of trends, I have a basic idea, as to how to effectively draw people to your blog.  I admit, I’m no expert, but the numbers are factual, and the results are documented.

First of all, my blog was originally designed to address real estate news, and updates.  However, on a fluke, I posted a blog on a DJ getting fired which received 10,000 views in 3-days.  Once the numbers continued to increase significantly, I started to track the cause. Listed below is a summary of my findings,therefore, these are my suggestions, to drive traffic to your blog. 

#1 – Select a hot topic, which appeals to the masses.

#2 – Be the first to report a breaking story, so you end up high in the search engines.

#3 – Blog multiple stories on topics that are heavily viewed.  It seems as though they receive more attention.

#4 – Capitalize your headlines, and make them VERY interesting.  It helps if you can capture a reader’s attention immediately.

#5 – Post your Blogs on Facebook, and Tweet them.  The viewer numbers from Facebook are staggering, and I only have 356 FB friends.

#6 – Find other blogs, with similar information.  Comment on their post, adding a link to your blog.

#7 -Find Facebook pages with the same topic, and become a fan.  This allows you to then post on the page.

#8 – Use spell check and research your facts, to become a more credible blogger.

#9 – Blog about multiple things, to capture a variety of readers.  Although I am in real estate, I blog about other interests as well.

#10 – Be passionate about what you are blogging about, it will show.

These were the top 10 things identified during my 30-days of blogging.  I’m sure more will be discovered, in the coming months, and I will surely blog about it!  Hope this helps your blogging experience, it has been a blast!

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If you like the original version of Facebook, you will NOT like what I’m about to tell you.  Starting Monday, you will no longer have a choice as to how your FB page looks.  It is now mandatory to use the new version.  Many of us hate change, so this will suck if you really wanted to keep the old version.  But remember, Mark is innovative, and will probably continue to make changes over time.

Unfortunately, if you like things to “stay the way they are”, you are out of luck.

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Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, the 52 year veteran of the police force, from Pima County Arizona spoke out today regarding the shooting last week.  Basically, he said “when you look at unbalanced people, when they respond to others about taking down the government, the anger, the hatred and bigotry which goes on in this country is outrageous.  “unfortunately Arizona has become the capital, the mecca, for prejudice and bigotry”.

Rush Limbaugh, then replied to the sherrif’s s statement, he would not feel bad if the suspect was acquitted.  And, “the sheriff would probably not mind if the shooter is acquitted”.  “If the sheriff will speculate, so will I and he probably would have a tough time putting him behind bars”.  What was Rush even talking about?  He sounded really wacky in my opinion, and I am not sure where he was even going with that rant.  Rush is just doing what he does, sparking outrage and ramblings which put him in the spotlight.

I am certain, all involved would want the shooter locked up, and taken off the street.  It amazes me how this has become a huge debate amongst politicians, and people like Rush.  Can they just get on with the prosecution of this sick guy, obviously with serious mental issues.

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 According to news reports, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, has been  Sentenced to three Years in Prison for Money Laundering and conspiracy Charges.

Another politician bites the dust!  When will they learn that in the new world of technology, they will be caught for their crimes!  Maybe due to the “old school” mentality of these older politicians, they think they can still get away with this crap.  But will they ever learn?  Or will they keep doing stupid things under the spotlight or camera?  You would think they would watch the news and say, “I better not do that, seems like too many are getting caught”.  Instead they say, “let me see if I can get away with it, I am smarter than the guy who got caught”.  Reality check Mr. Politicians (mostly men getting caught)…YOU ARE NOT SMARTER AND WILL GET CAUGHT AT SOME POINT, BECAUSE YOU ARE GREEDY!



Tom DeLay Sentenced To Prison

Rachel Slajda | January 10, 2011, 3:22PM

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) has been sentenced to three years in prison, the AP and the Austin-American Statesman are reporting.

Texas Judge Pat Priest handed down the sentence this afternoon in an Austin courtroom.

DeLay was convicted in November on money laundering and conspiracy charges. His lawyers asked for the minimum sentence, probation. Prosecutors asked for at least 10 years in prison.

According to the Statesman, Priest sentenced DeLay to three years on the conspiracy charge.

He is expected to appeal.

The charges stem from the 2002 Texas state house elections, when DeLay’s state PAC collected $190,000 in corporate donations and sent the money to the Republican National Committee. The RNC then sent a total of $190,000 to seven Republican state house candidates hand-picked by DeLay’s PAC.

Under Texas law, it is illegal for candidates to use corporate money — raised directly or indirectly — for their campaigns.

DeLay’s lawyers argued that the swap was perfectly legal and a normal part of politics. Although DeLay denied knowing about the swap before it was made, he said he would have OK’d it anyway.

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For all you Kiss 103.5 listener’s, Brotha Fred is said to arrive next Monday to begin his new morning show.  It will be interesting to see how he breaks into the Chicago market.  Will the fans embrace him?  Will his show be a success?  Does he have what Chicago listener’s want in a DJ?  Is he ready for this huge market?  Will he beat our B96?  The answer to these questions will be known very early on, as his ratings begin to surface.  One things for sure, his looks far surpass Drex’s, his voice is much smoother, and he has a great T.V. presentation.

What do you think?  Will you listen?  Many have posted comments on boycotting Kiss, but I’m not convinced.  It seems to me, the Drex fans will have their ears tuned into the station on January 17th, to critique his show.  Post your feedback on his opening day and the weeks to follow here,  and let the debates begin!


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Jared Loughner

Jared Loughner has been charged with murder and attempted murder, for the shooting outside a Safeway grocery store last week.  He is a 22-year old with a history of mental illness, and hatred toward the government.  His postings on Facebook imply, he was angry with the government and announced his plan to attack the congresswoman.  Loughner, asked his friend to forgive him for what he was about to do, suggesting it was pre-meditated.

After killing 6 and injuring up to 13 more, including a judge and nine-year old girl, he was tackled by several by-standers.  It is an unfortunate occurrence, and troubling that he was able to purchase a gun in the first place. Police have been unable to obtain a reason behind the shootings, but have reported Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the intended target.  Related story:
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