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I am a true American Idol fan, and have watched every season.  But I’ve got to tell you, I’m not yet convinced it will work with new team.  They had a solid team, with great synergy; Paula, Simon and Randy worked.  Not sure they needed to add Kara, but she was even fine by me.

But with the new team of Jennifer Lopez, Randi Jackson, and Steven Tyler, it is something that I will need to see to believe.  I just can’t wrap my brain around it yet.  Although Lopez is very talented, and I really like her, not sure how she will blend with the others.

I guess we will all find out if they have a hit, or if Idol will sink faster than the Titanic, come Wednesday night.  It would be a shame if one of my favorite shows, gets put on the chopping block!  We are all rooting for you Idol, let’s hope it works!  Not sure, “the king of it all”, Mr. Ryan Seacrest, can navigate this ship on his own.

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So call me crazy, but who does Aretha Franklin think she’s fooling?  It has been announced the screenplay for the new movie, of Franklin’s life story, will soon be reviewed.  And who did Franklin chose to play her part, because she reminded her of herself,  during younger years?  Halle Berry, yeah that’s right, seriously Aretha, who are you kidding?  I know Aretha is the “Queen of Soul”, but let’s face it, Queen Latifah, may have been her better choice. 

In other roles, Denzel Washington is being courted to play her dad, while Terrence Howard supposedly will portray, the legendary singer Smokey Robinson.  Now that makes sense. 

But let’s face it, the “Queen of Soul” was never a beauty queen, she just has an incredible voice.  HALLE, PLEASE DON’T DO IT!  THIS WOULD BREAK MY HEART!  Sorry, Ms. Franklin, not to be mean, I love your music, but seriously?


Halle Berry to play Aretha Franklin?

Aretha Franklin’s life story is making its way to the big screen, and Halle Berry may be stepping into the spotlight as the legendary Queen of Soul.

Sixty-eight-year-old Franklin — who says her health problems have been “resolved” — issued a press statement this week saying a biopic was in the works based on her 1999 autobiography, “Aretha: From These Roots,” reports the Huffington Post.

The singer suggests she’d like Oscar winner Berry to portray her in the film, a suggestion she also made to CNN in December 2008, while Terrence Howard has been tapped for the role of Motown legend Smokey Robinson. Franklin’s also interested in having Denzel Washington portray her father C.L. Franklin, a Baptist minister and civil rights leader. 

In the release, the Detroit native — who will review the film’s script next week — says all three actors are “enthusiastic about the project and have agreed to take on these roles, subject to further negotiation.”

Washington in particular was said to be “very interested in the role,” according to Franklin, who added that she “also had a very positive response from her in-person conversations with Terrence Howard and others.”

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When will fans of Charlie Sheen and the networks learn, he is a complete loser!  In my opinion, if he does not chose to get help, when he has clearly hit “rock bottom”, he never will.  Sheen has been in more trouble, than Kanye West on a good day. 

Why does everyone seem shocked each time he finds trouble?  It really is no surprise to me, until he gets help he will NOT change.  GET HELP CHARLIE…WE ARE TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT YOUR ISSUES!

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Salatino’s; New Restaurant Hits the Jackpot in Little Italy

Jimmy Bannos and Scott Harris are have scored a goldmine in Little Italy.  Recently they opened Salatino’s, and it appears to be a hit!  Jim Psyhogios is the General Manager, and they are lucky to have him!   Jim makes the Italian eatery a pleasure to visit, as he has an incredible personality, which is contagious.

Sister restaurant Dough Boys opened next door, and they also have “out of this world pizza”!  I ordered a large dinner for a recent party, and everyone was blown away.  It was truly the BEST pizza and pasta I have ever tasted.  And really, I am not just saying that, everyone in my party agreed!  They must have told me a million times, how good it was, during the event.

If you want an affordable meal, in a great atmosphere, with the perfect host, Salatino’s should be your next stop!  Chicago has another hit restaurant, that’s for sure!  Read visitor reviews below, seems like they also loved it. 

Located in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood

626 S Racine
(between Harrison St & Flournoy St)
Chicago, IL 60607
Neighborhood: University Village

(312) 226-9300


  • Salatino’s

    Review from Ed R. 


    Jimmy Bannos and Scott Harris are saving Little Italy.  They are opening Salatino’s, which will be Gennaro’s II (look up the reviews – it closed 12/2009).  Rumor has it that Mary Jo provided the recipes, so it should be excellent.

    Sister restaurant Dough Boys is already open, so stop in for a slice…

    Edit:  I’ve eaten here two nights in the last 3, sampled the pork chops (both regular and spicy), and LOVED the pizza.  The chops are fantastic, especially the spicy ones.   Pizza from Dough Boys is authentic and very tasty.  I strongly suggest you dine here off the regular menu and take a small pizza pie home for 2 am.  STRONGLY SUGGEST.

    I tried a side of spaghetti, too.  Great sauce, slightly spicy, and incredible.  I will certainly be back again soon.  

    When you do go, have your significant other order a pasta, you order the spicy chops, then share both.  You’ll still have plenty to take home and share the following day.


  • Salatino’s

    Review from Danielle C.

  • We live about 1 block down from Salatino’s/Dough Boys and figured we’d give it a shot. We’d previously ordered pizza from Dough Boys (twice) and were quite pleased.
    There were only a couple of other tables occupied when we walked in, but I assume that was because it was the day after NYE. Our waiter was super friendly and attentive and our drinks/appetizers/main course came out very quickly. The atmosphere was fun-there was constant Sinatra streaming through the speakers which gave it a romantic vibe.
    Food ordered:
    -cesar salad (delicious)
    -cheese/grilled peppers (good, but wished they had some type of cheese plate appetizers other than this)
    -cavatelli in marinera (good)
    -spaghetti/meatballs (delicious)
    -gelato/expresso (delicious)
    -2 glasses of wine, one whiskey cocktail
    Bill totalled $77 which is decent.  We’ll definitely be back!

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    Adrian Peterson: Can’t use bathroom at McDonald’s?

    Looks like McDonald’s rather not have Adrian Peterson, NFL star football player for the Minnesota Vikings, use their bathroom?  Well, the night Manager thought differently, and let him in at 3am, once she realized who he was.  She was then FIRED from her job, because letting someone use their restroom after hours, is against company policy!

    The press picked up the story, and surprise, surprise, McDonald’s miraculously hired her back.  Moral to the story, McDonald’s should install  outhouses, to avoid this in the future!  And Adrian, needs to learn how to use the bathroom, where all other men do, in the middle of the night.

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    New Organic Baby Clothing Line; Baby Keba Rocks!

    Baby Keba

    Baby Keba is a new organic clothing line, offering style and a silky soft fabric.  The creator of this line, Makeba Gies, personally took part in the design, and it shows.  It is the softest fabric I’ve ever felt, so soft, I wish she would create an adult line!  If you are interested in saving the environment and ensuring your baby will look and feel good, Baby Keba is an excellent choice.

    The Baby Keba founder, has a great message;

    “One aspect that sets Baby Keba apart is our desire to maintain our environmentally green commitment while simultaneously exceeding quality expectations and providing superior garments that are affordable, beautiful and simple. We have focused our efforts on creating trendy fashions that also identify us as an eco-friendly and environmentally harmonious brand.”

    — Makeba Gies, Creator of Baby Keba



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    Governor Pat Quinn, signed the bill to raise taxes in Illinois.  Of course, many are outraged at the 66% increase, and it will affect all of our pockets.  We all know the state is in a major deficit, but who knowS if this will actually bail us out.  What if they continue to mismanage the new money, and the tax increase will not get adjusted back down in four years?  They tell us this will help, but some have reported, if they continue to pay high salaries to their cronies, and waste our money, this won’t even put a dent in the budget.  What do you think?  Will this just be the politicians typical band-aid?

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