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CNN reported, “U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been taken off a ventilator and is breathing on her own, at her hospital in Tucson, AZ”.  This is good news and hopefully she will not have any long-term health issues. 

It is a shame that a single shooter can change the lives of so many, in a 15 second assault.  Early on, it was reported, that the entire massacre and injury of 16 innocent people, all took place within seconds.  How can a person alter the  lives of so many, in so little time.  The nine-year old girl’s parents will never be the same.  The senior wife, of a man she reunited with later in life, will never be the same.  The husband of Gabrielle Giffords, will never be the same.  The bystander’s who witnessed the shooting, will never be the same.  And for the other fallen victims, their families will never be the same.

All these devastating changes in the lives of so many, will last a lifetime, and it happened in just 15 seconds.  How do we stop the violence?

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The people of Tunisia are looking for freedom like in the U.S.  The Prime Minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi, originally took over yesterday, but now the Speaker of the House, Gianfranco Fini, has taken control.  They were so upset about corruption, the distribution of wealth and human rights abuse. a plan was put into place, to overtake the President, which appeared to work.  The President fled the country, to Saudi Arabia, as protestor’s came out in full force.  Riot’s and new bouts of looting took place overnight, creating chaos.

This a country which typically is not headline news, but with this recent announcement, they may become the next poster child for takeover’s.  Will this begin a trend in other countries?  Will the U.S. need to step in as we usually do, during other countries crisis? 

Well, let’s hope not.  We have enough of our own wars, money issues, natural disaster’s, Political debates, and homeland security troubles. .  President Obama, literally has no more time; his plate is full.  So let’s hope they figure out their own issues, so Obama can resolve our internal problems, without another distraction.


Tunisian President Flees To Saudi Arabia

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President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali

Tunisia – Following an unpopular hand over of power and a continuation of rioting and fresh looting in the capital city overnight, the Tunisian Prime Minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi has now ceded power to the speaker of parliament. Mr. Ghannouchi had declared himself interim president after it became clear that President Ben Ali’s position was untenable.

However this proved to be an unpopular decision amongst the public and on Saturday morning Mr. Ghannouchi handed over power in accordance with the provisions set out in the Tunisian constitution. At this point the speaker will be charged with organising an election to reconstitute the Tunisian government. The difficulty for him in this task lies in the fact that Tunisia in a single party state which has no record of free elections. 

The city of Tunis itself is still under marital law with curfews in place and soldiers on the streets. The former president is believed to be in Jeddah where he and members of his family have taken refuge.

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Many of reports suggest the housing crisis is not over.  It is said, millions more of foreclosures, could be coming on-line soon.  This is bad news for the homeowners, who will lose their homes, but good news for investor’s or buyers looking for a great deal.  It is probably also great news, for rental property owners, since these ex-homeowner’s will need to live somewhere.  It also could be an incredible opportunity for real estate agents, to finally earn a decent living.

But in the end, one things for sure, many will suffer.  Hopefully, they will find a way out, and not be in the same position, as Homeless Ted Williams, during his rough time on the street.

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