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Over the years we have been told to discount the possibility that other life exists.  But this video clearly shows, we are probably NOT alone.  Multiple angles of a UFO have surfaced, showing it hovering over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock.  You Tube was able to link them together in above video, to show this may not be a hoax. Several people saw it in different locations and shot multiple videos, so how could this be fake?  Many previous videos of sightings have been dissected to make the many believer’s of UFO activity, question themselves.  But maybe this time that will not be so easy for the skeptics, because more videos have since been posted on You Tube.

My husband swears to me that he saw a UFO as a teenager and many laughed about it.  Even when he said it came within 200 feet of him and hovered above his head in the daytime.  He says it was the scariest moment of his life. But maybe he was right all these years and he did come in contact with aliens.  Maybe that is why I sometimes think he is from another planet:).

Additional sightings of a UFO was in the city of Boston Massachusetts on Friday May 7, 2010.  That evening, unexplained orange lights were recorded, as they hovered above the city for about five minutes.  Are all the people who see UFO’s crazy?  Or are we told otherwise to prevent mass panic.  Watch the video and you be the judge.


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