27 Apr

The popular long-time spokesman for the ‘Empire’ flooring company, Elmer Lynn Hauldren, passed away today at the age of 89-years-old. He was the early inspiration for the very heavily promoted ad campaign starting in the early 70’s.  Hauldren was known to many as the “Empire Man”, and he well-loved for his charm.

During the early 1970’s, Hauldren found his success by an unlikely circumstance.  He was one of the advertising associates hired to market the brand, but when they could not find an on-air talent for the spots, the company’s owner suggested Hauldren serve as the on-air talent.  Needless to say, this simple decision was the start of his long running television career, and shot him to pop culture stardom. Hauldren continued to serve as the inspiration for the newly updated ‘Empire Today’ brand. He also helped launch the signature 588 jingle, making it one the most popular jingle’s on record.

It is funny to think that he was so good at his delivery, to this day, I still remember the Empire phone number. Although many of us can barely remember our own number now, surely many know his jingle well.

It is a sad loss, but it is good he lived a long life.  Hopefully that jingle will sing in our heads for many more years to come.   It was good to hear his Empire family created a website in memoriam of the “Empire Carpet Man” with stories and video’s to celebrate the life of Elmer Lynn Hauldren.

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