10 May

There is a controversy brewing at Cannes Film Festival over a documentary called, ‘Unlawful Killing’, about the late Princess Diana’s death.  The filmmakers are set to release footage, which includes close-up photos of her untimely crash.  It is unfortunate that the timing of the screening is during the honeymoon of son, William and new wife Catherine.

The release of Keith Allen’s new film, ‘Unlawful Killing’ about the death of Diana, Princess Of Wales is expected to cause outrage during the screening.  This is due to the shocking photo of Diana, just moments after her car crash which claimed her life back in 1997.

Although in 2008 an inquest ruled the driver caused the crash through grossly negligent driving, the film also has interviews suggesting otherwise. The film documents the royal car accident in Paris, which also killed her chauffeur Henri Paul and companion Dodi Fayed.

The father of her Dodi, Mohammed Al-Fayed, was outraged when he heard the graphic image was included in the film, which has never been shown in the U.K.  It was reported that the documentary will not be shown in UK cinemas.

Princess Diana  will continue to be an icon to many, and her death was mourned by people around the world. It was a sad day for many and it would be best to let her rest in peace.


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  1. Guest

    August 26, 2011 at 11:49 am

    I think queen elizabth help with the murder. i think they disaguied themself as paremedic and she fault with them again. She was injured again. I think she survived they realized it attacked her again clean up the crime and then put her up in another amburlance did them samething this time she died. She was in such a bad shape that it was beyond any doctor help. I think her son are two scared to do anything. I saw a document where Camilla threaten WIlliam young brother because they confronted her about it. Why did the reported almost get killed anybody who came close to figureing it out mysterly died?


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