13 May

It is exciting to hear that Paula Abdul will join the cast of judges on Simon Cowell’s X Factor this fall. This is a great addition to the team, looks like Simon is pulling out all the stops.  The 5 million dollar prize and the line-up of judges is sure to increase his odds of having a hit show.

The final round-up on the judges panel came just in the nick of time, with Paula Abdul, music producer Antonio “L.A.” Reid, British pop star Cheryl Crow and the “King of Judges”, Simon Cowell they are ready to roll. Hosting the show is the popular Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and British TV personality Steve Jones.

During a recent taping and red carpet event at USC’s Galen Center, the judges all had a lot to say to the press. LA Reid was asked what was going to make X Factor stand out in an increasingly crowded singing-competition field, he responded “Simon Cowell, because he’s the X-Factor”.  Abdul added, “I am thrilled, I am exhilarated, I am terrified”  “When this show airs, it will have been three years since we sat next to each other. I really miss him. It’s awkward and wonderful.”

Cowell also replied to a question on why he selected Paula Abdul as a judge saying, “Can you imagine if I didn’t? I had that feeling, after all the speculation, all the TV here’s my fourth judge, and it’s not Paula? I could just sense the public would be disappointed.” They see what we’re like together.  We get on really well. That kind of chemistry isn’t always easy to replicate.”

Well, with this type of “star power” mixed with Cowell’s “Golden Touch”, I can’t see how it wouldn’t be a slam dunk.  This will be one to watch, I expect it to have HUGE ratings, especially on the season opener.  It is good to see Paula and Simon back together, they have a special chemistry unlike any other judging team out there.

Will you watch X Factor?  I will surely have myTivo set on record.

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