14 May

CNN announced that the Morganza Spillway was opened today to release water to relieve the flooding in Louisiana.  This is the first time it has been opened since 1973, due to flooding in the Mississippi River.  According to Lt. General Russell Honore, the flood is historic and has never been this severe.  This is due to the fact that nuclear power plants and chemical power plants had not been in the path of massive flooding, in the past.

Many area residents are devastated by the news because the water is pushing so hard it is gushing out and headed toward their land.  Although they are slowly releasing the water, animals are being affected as well.  It is probable the water will cover the entire state, but still hard to know just how much harm it will cause.

Homeowners in the area originally thought opening the spillway would cause some water damage, but have now been informed their properties will be completely covered and severely damaged.  It could potentially wipe out over 25,000 homes, especially in small neighborhoods.

It is sad to watch the pain and fear seen on the faces of people going through this horrible disaster.   The continuation of destructive historic weather patterns seems endless.  Many are asking, “Is this the sign of things to come leading up to December 21, 2012?

It is said that earth will face major changes in 2012, is this a warning?  What do you think?

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