18 May

OPRAH WINFREY ended her 25 years as talk show host with a bang, at Chicago’s United Center along with 13,000 fans in the attendance and an array of Mega Stars.  The celebrities on hand to support Oprah included;  Madonna, Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes along with many more offering her touching farewell messages, via satellite.

The fans were pumped as Oprah asked, “Having fun?”  They cheered as she added “So am I!  So darn cool!”  The producers stocked up with 13,000 boxes of tissue, for the die-hard fans who are devastated by her departure, just in case they could not hold back their tears.

Tom Hanks was the master of ceremonies and had some incredible things to say about the “Queen of talk”.  Offering encouraging words, by saying “You are surrounded by nothing but love”. He nailed it, because for so many people, Oprah has been an inspiration offering them words of advice and addressing “taboo” topics.

Whether you are a fan of Oprah or not, there is no denying she has been a major influence on millions of viewers over the years.  She also has also allowed many to understand, if you push hard enough you can achieve your goals.  Coming from a simple background with many things stacked against her, she proved to the world success is possible.  Being an African-American, “full-figured” powerful woman making billions, is an accomplishment to be proud of, and a reason to support her efforts.

The final taping of the two shows, was shot at the United Center and will air May 23 and May 24 but her final episode will tape next week and air on May 25.

Oprah told the crowd, “I feel the love, and I thank you for it,” adding that the viewers present and around the world “honor me in the deepest way possible.”  Wishing Oprah the very best, we know she has more to offer during her lifetime, and we will certainly see her around for a long time.

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