19 May

AMERICAN IDOL contestants are down to the final two, after 95 million votes.  It was a record-breaking number of viewers voting for their favorites and the top spots went to Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.  This will the youngest match-up in Idol history, with two high school students duking it out for the prize.

With some of the best talent on all of Idol seasons combined, it was a tough round.  But as usual Haley Reinhart went out with a bang, singing her incredible rendition of ‘Benny And The Jets’, which was one of my favorite performances of the season.  Haley rocked it with passion and excitement, even taking a moment to switch it up, adding the judges names in the lyrics.  In the end she even went as far to say “it ain’t over”, which is spot on.  Haley is sure to have a hugely successful career and many fans, including myself.  It is just too bad Chicago could not have another winner!

As for Scotty and Lauren, it will be a tight race because they both are extremely talented singers. It will be interesting to see how they compare during the final rounds, because they are so similar, with their country flair. But in the end my bet is still on Scotty to go all the way, making him the next American Idol.

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