22 May

Harold Camping predicted the world would come to an end at 6pm on May 21, 2011.  But for some reason just like so many others in the past, he seemed to get it wrong.  Darn, now I will actually have to pay my bills, clean my house, cook dinner, take out the trash and keep working for another thirty years!  When will they get it right for goodness sakes, so many get their hopes up thinking they can now be done with the challenges of life, but noooooooo, the show just keeps going on.

Well Mr. Camping received a bit of mockery today at his Family Radio Network headquarters in Oakland, California.  Many camped out to make fun of the evangelical broadcaster’s claim that the end of the world was upon us.  The Family Church of Laughs actually celebrated the world was still in tact, by filling human-shaped balloons with helium and letting them go to simulate souls being lifted to heaven.  Let’s hope they are not doomed, during the next “Rapture”.

It’s interesting how many must have believed the 89-year-old preacher and radio host.   Seriously, why not just assume he may be a little senile at that age?  Really, a prophecy called the “The Rapture” will begin at 6pm on May 21st, in all the world’s time zones, wiping out all non-believers by rolling earthquakes, as the saved believers ascend into heaven?  Does that sound like a movie or what?

Now we all have to look forward to December 21, 2012 when the world ends, according to the Mayan calendar and many believers.  If you are on board, please make sure to send me all your life’s possessions in advance of the end, including cash because I will be sure to make good use of it!

Since the world has not yet ended, feel free to begin your search for a new home here. And if you watch above video to the end, real estate agents did NOT start the rumor!

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