25 May

AMERICAN IDOL named its fourth male contestant to win in recent seasons.  Scotty McCreery was an early favorite, and his consistency sealed the deal for him in the end.  McCreery took home the prize as “American Idol” with a record 122 million votes coming in last night.  It would be interesting to see if he blew Lauren away, because in past seasons they hinted at how close they were, but not tonight.

It is not surprising that Scotty won Idol, the show seems to attract a lot of young teens who would vote for a cute boy, ahead of a girl.  Some may have thought Lauren would have received the “girl power” vote, but it’s clear, love conquers the soul.  And the girls were in love with Scotty.

To prove this point, the past four American Idol winners were guys, season 7 – David Cook, season 8 – Kris Allen, season 9 – Lee Dewyze and now season 10 – Scotty McCreery.  When will the girls take the lead again?  Where are the great singers like  Carrie Underwood, Fantasia and Kelly Clarkson?  The girls need to take over next year to balance this out!

The star filled night featured many incredible performances.  The new song performed by Lady Gaga, sounds like it will be another hit.  The Beyoncé slow jam “1 +1” written by the Dream, was a truly dynamic song that she sang beautifully and with a lot of passion.  I absolutely loved her performance. Marc Anthony added great flavor with a rockin latin song along  side of Jennifer Lopez, dancing great as his supportive wife.  And who does not love Steven Tyler singing “Dream On”, it was incredible!

Overall the performances were some of the best of all seasons combined.  It was the top Idol finale in a long time, seems like the new judges and great singers made it easier to swallow the loss of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.  But we still miss them just a touch.

On a side note, where was Jimmy Levine tonight?  I thought he was signing on the new Idol?  Seems like he would be there to cheer them on…oh well, he must have been busy.  And Lee Dewyze tweeted he was not asked to perform tonight…not enough record sales?

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