27 May

Simon Cowell was reported to have made a difficult decision today, cutting Cheryl Cole as a judge from his new show X Factor. Her replacement is one of the X Factor hosts, Pussy Cat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger who is a well-known singer and loved by many.  It looks like Cowell may now need to find another host.  “Hey Simon, I’m available!”

Rumors are flying about why she was cut, many are asking “Was she in a feud with Paula Abdul? ”

Well, not so fast.  It cannot always be for negative reasons, there is not always a fight among women.  The most likely rumor surfacing is that she was cut because the American public just did not know who she was, nor could they understand her thick English Geordie accent.  This appears possible, because during their recent Chicago audience taping, as I sat in the front row, it was very difficult to understand her comments. She also was not a person familiar to me so when they walked past my seat, I was excited to give Paula and Simon a “high-five”, but did not feel the urge to do the same with Cole.

It is unfortunate that she quit her UK X Factor gig, to head to the U.S. version, just to be fired months before the live taping.  But Simon made a timely decision, since he has very little time to get his show on track.  It will be interesting to see if she is still a part of all the initial tapings and how they will explain her early exit.

New shows typically have kinks, so this is nothing new.  Remember the first season of American Idol?  Ryan Seacrest was the co-host…what ever happened to the original host?  Oh, that’s right, he left to pursue a “better”, has anyone seen him since?

Paula Abdul

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