28 May

Aspiring model, LaShawna Threatt, was celebrating her 30th birthday this weekend at the W Hotel in Atlanta, when she plunged to her death.  Her close friend Ciara Williams also fell along side her and is in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Police reported that LaShawna and her friend Ciara, were “play fighting” when they crashed through the hotel window and fell 10-stories together.  As LaShawna fell and hit a structure, her friend rolled down an additional 20-feet on to the patio hitting the pavement.

Atlanta Police Lt. Paul Guerrucci released a statement saying, “It appears that there was no malicious act, no foul play, they were just wrestling with each other, they hit the window, the window broke, and they fell out.”

They both were well-loved and had incredible careers. Williams was a dancer and Threatt was a beautiful model who also handled party promotions for beverage companies.  It was a horrific way to die, and many of their friends are shocked that they were able to crash through the window so easily.

It is a sad and tragic accident which should cause concern for hotel owners.

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