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It is not my intention to bash the many male politicians who keep getting caught in a relationship scandals, but come on what are they thinking!  It is now John Edwards turn to be put in the fishbowl and lose all that he worked so hard to accomplish.  He was once Senator of North Carolina and a presidential candidate but now he must face the music or should I say “karma”.  This week he received a federal grand jury indictment on felony charges, after a two-year Justice Department investigation.

It is another sad case of a public figure probably getting caught up in power and money. The indictment accuses him of using over $900,000 in campaign contributions, to keep his pregnant mistress out of sight during his run for president in 2008. While he pleaded innocent to the charges, and it may be a hard case to convict, if he is found guilty he could face some stiff penalties.  Edwards has been charged with six offenses, which each carry a maximum of 5-years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Since he is a first-time offender the long sentences probably will not fly, but he must still be fearful of the possibilities. His attorney’s said they will fight hard to defend him because they dispute the feds’ definition of campaign contributions under the law. They claim that no campaign funds were used to pay for his mistress and  mother of his “love child”, Rielle Hunter’s, travel and accommodations, which is one of the charges against him.

What makes this case even more tragic, is that the affair was reported to have happened, while he was still married to his now deceased wife, Elizabeth Edwards. Their long marriage and kids should have been enough to stop him from his “bad behavior”, but the fact that she had cancer at the time, makes it really hard to swallow.  He also denied for years that his mistress conceived his child during their affair, and allegedly had his staff cover it up.

John Edwards made a statement saying, “I will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that I have caused to others, but I did not break the law.”  But is that enough?  Why do these politicians keep ruining their careers over a woman?  Are women that powerful?  Or is love?

Is this just karma for the ex-Senator?  If you watched the documentary about his life, you may just think this is karma for sure.

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