21 Jun

The new singing competion show, ‘The Voice’ featuring Christina Auguilera has been saved by only one competitor.  Although ‘Frenchie’ is a powerful singer and Vicci Martinez has a great voice, in my opinion, the best singer featured is Javier Colon.  He definitely makes the show and without him I’m not sure how great it would be to watch.  His incredible voice has allowed him to reach the semi-finals and it would be a huge surprise if he did not go all the way.

While it is probably NBC’s answer to American Idol, the show lacks something. I can’t put my finger on what’s missing, but it just does not capture my attention, nor excite me as American Idol has done for so many years.  But at least they have Javier to save the day and grab viewer’s that enjoy a truly great voice.

The Voice is based on the highly rated show “The Voice of Holland”.  But unlike American Idol, singers “audition” on a stage while the judges are seated with their backs to them, allowing them to be selected based solely on their vocal abilities.  The judges then chose their favorite singers to coach and break them into teams.  They go on to compete against one another until the end, when a top winner is selected.

What do you think?  What’s your favorite show, The Voice or American Idol?

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