21 Jun

The question of “Who shot Tupac Shakur?” has been a mystery since his death in 1996. After popular rap star, Tupac Shakur was shot five times in 1994, while in a Manhattan recording studio, conspiracy theories surfaced and an east-west rap rivalry began.  Although he survived that first shooting, he was shot again in 1996 and  was unable to pull through.  After his death was announced, many still thought he was alive and reports of Tupac sightings began to surface daily.  Similar to Elvis, the discussions of  the Tupac shooting caused a longtime opened-ended question…”Is Tupac still alive?”

Well, two days before his upcoming would-be 40th Birthday and fifteen years after his death, a man has confessed to the original shooting. released the confessions of Dexter Isaac, who alleges that he was responsible for the 1994 shooting and says he was paid a mere $2500 for the hit.  Isaac supposedly wrote a letter to ALLHIPHOP, stating that James a.k.a “Jimmy Henchman Rosemand”, allegedly paid him to shoot Tupac.

Isaac is a convicted criminal currently serving life in prison for robbery, murder and other offenses from earlier arrests, which begs the question, “Why would he lie?”   But others may ask, “Why did he take so long to confess?”  Well it seems he may have wanted to cleanse himself, because he went on to say, “I want to apologize to my family for the mistake I did for that “sucker” Jimmy Henchman.  I am trying to clean it up to give Tupac and Biggies’ (Notorious B.I.G.) mother’s some closure.”

In recent years many documentary films have been released, along with taped interviews with Tupac and Biggies’ mom.  They have different versions of what may have happened on the night Tupac was shot, and who may have committed the crime, but maybe Issac will now clear up a piece of the puzzle.  The millions of Tupac fans have waited for the answers about the death of their beloved, yet controversial rap legend, maybe this will start the process of unraveling the mystery.

While Issac has yet to release the details of the night he shot Tupac, it is certain many will be watching this case closely.  Although Isaac is now being investigated for the initial shooting, the actual murder of Tupac has not yet been solved.

In the end, maybe Tupac had the same final fate as Elvis after all, resting peacefully somewhere other than on earth.

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