27 Jun

Tonight the “Bachelorette” had a lot of twists and turns.  Ashley FINALLY saw the light and confronted Bentley during his surprise visit to Hong Kong.  It was great to see her figure out his deceit and fake behavior, even if it took her much longer than the rest of us. 

Bentley even had a shocked look on his smug face and actually seemed slightly embarrassed as she ripped into his lies. Ashley was able to get bit of revenge by telling him something to put him in check; “You could have called instead of flying around the world to talk to me.”  It seems like the period replaced the dot-dot-dot tonight, which was a relief to all the women around the world.  Bentley may find himself with a period at the end of every potential relationship, after making a fool of himself on national television. 

But what surprised me most about tonight, is the reaction from the men when she told them she had met with Bentley to find closure.  Many of them whined like little insecure women and could not handle the news.  Seriously, they need to grow up.  It’s only been a short time that she has known any of them, what did they expect? 

The only one who truly handled it like a “real man” was J.P., which put him at the top of my list for a guaranteed spot to seal the deal.  If Ashley does not pick J.P. in the end, she may need to read up on how a mature man acts when he hears something “hurtful”.  The guys were a real disappointment tonight, especially Lucas and the “Dentist”, good he went home, he was the worst of the worst. 

Bentley has a “Bad Boy” image which makes him look more like a loser now, hopefully he is happy with the outcome.  Maybe he will be the new Bachelor…Not!

The six remaining men are listed below…guess who went home:

J.P., 34, Construction Manager, New York, NY – TOP PICK!

Constantine, 30, Restaurant Owner,  Atlanta, GA

Ames, 31, Portfolio Manager, New York, NY

Ben F., 28, Winemaker, Sonoma, CA

Lucas, 30, Oil Field Equipment Distributor, Odessa, TX

Ryan P, 31, Solar Energy Executive from Corona Del Mar, CA

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