28 Jun

It was sad to hear that former Illinois first lady, Lura Lynn Ryan, died today at the age of 76-years-old.  She struggled through a long painful illness with cancer for many years and finally passed away at Riverside Medical Center.  Lura was diagnosed with lung cancer and hospitalized for complications reportedly from her chemotherapy.

While former Governor George Ryan was sent to prison for corruption, she spent her final years hoping in vain, for his release.  During her 55-years of marriage she certainly could not have foreseen spending her last years on earth, fighting for his freedom.  It was bad enough she was diagnosed with cancer, but to see her husband sent to prison during their retirement years, must have added salt to the wound. 

She supported him until her death and kept faithful throughout the years, maintaining her belief that he did nothing wrong during his political career.  It was unfortunate he was unable to also support her during her illness.

The former governor is still serving time in prison on federal corruption charges and is pushing hard to attend her funeral services.  News outlets reported that he was by her side as she passed away.

It is a tragedy that her last years were spent in poor health and she had to use her remaining energy trying to clear his name.  What a shame.

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