29 Jun

CHICAGO politicians scrapped the annual holiday fireworks show this year.  They were canceled by our former Mayor, Richard Daley, so we cannot blame our new Mayor.  The reason given for the cancellation was to save money, but was this really a good decision?  The annual Independence Day fireworks show typically draws over a million visitors to the city each year. 

The July 3rd event, wrapping up the Taste of Chicago, created excitement and allowed business owners to increase revenue.  But with the loss of heightened traffic; restaurants, shops, hotels, taxicabs, and even public transportation will lose out this year.  Taxes received on the revenue generated will also be lost.  So they saved money on the actual event, but did they lose more in the end.  It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the true savings, when you count the lost revenue. 

The final outcome would probably show a greater loss than gain.  Our new Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants full transparency, posting the salaries of city workers in recently.  Why not show us the true savings of the canceled fireworks show, how about posting that on the City of Chicago website.  It would be good to see.  

Mr. Mayor can you please make that happen?  What’s next…The end of the Taste of Chicago? 

Well, for the die-hard fans of exciting lights in the sky, Chicago’s only official fireworks show will be held July 4th (9pm) at Navy Pier.  Thank the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, they paid for your 15 minutes of entertainment.

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