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The National Football League club owners and players still have not come to terms on their differences.  They just can’t seem to figure out how best to divide the $9.3 billion in annual revenue. Talks have resumed and they are back to negotiating a new collective bargaining deal, but they better figure something out quickly, because the lockout threatens the start of training camps.

If football season does not happen this year, it is sure to cause “withdrawal syndrome” for many sports fans.  Depression medication sales will likely climb, and football junkies will have to find another sport to watch.  But wait, there may be an issue with basketball season as well.  NBA commissioner David Stern reported owners have now locked out NBA players.  No football or basketball?  What will they watch…Ice skating?

While I could care less about sports, I do understand the importance of what it brings to the economy.  Not only are restaurants, bars, and advertising revenue impacted, sports fans mental health is also affected.  Do you realize how sad millions of men and sports enthusiast would be without a season of Football or Basketball? 

On the other hand, how many women would be able to reclaim their TV and lives back for a season?  They probably could then get off their meds.

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This Friday, Minnesota’s state government shut down after Republicans and Democrats could not agree on whether to raise taxes on the rich or cut government spending.

It was reported that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) and the GOP-controlled Legislature could not find a resolution on how to cut  the state’s $5 billion deficit by the July deadline. The fact that do not have a budget in place, caused disruption in state-run facilities.  This included state parks, which came at the worst possible time, right before the holiday weekend.  They also held paychecks for 20,000 state employees, which probably created unnecessary stress on many families.

Assembly Majority leader Matt Dean released a statement; “We have divided government, and a governor that believes that he has a mandate to raise taxes and increase spending, and we have a Legislature that believes we should cut taxes and reduce spending.”

The fact that millionaires cannot step up to the plate, when many “regular” hard-working people are in need, is mind-boggling.  Would it hurt for them to also suffer just a bit, during these challenging economic times?  It’s not like they will starve or have their exclusive lifestyles greatly affected.  Do they really need millions to live a good life and be truly happy? 

Why are these politicians so concerned about the rich?  It always comes down to greed and power.

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It appears that Maria Shriver is no Hillary Clinton.  Even after being married to ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for 25 years, she said enough is enough, filing for divorce just six weeks after his secret came to light.  Hillary stuck by her man, but not Maria.  Unlike many other women in her shoes, she did not prolong the inevitable, she took action quickly and is getting out. 

Arnold recently revealed that he had an affair with their former employee, and even worse fathered a child out-of-wedlock with her.  This pushed Maria to promptly move out and separate from her seemingly perfect husband.  Many women around the world could learn from her strength, and should take note on how handle a cheating spouse. 

While many women tolerate cheating husbands by sticking by their side, she said “in-your-face”, I deserve better.  Good for you Maria…you may help a lot of women considering what to do when they are in this situation.  Some stick around for the kids or to try and save their marriage “just because”, but in the end, once a cheater always a cheater.

If you tolerate an unfaithful man once, chances are you will end up with a life-long cheating spouse.

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