08 Jul

The recent mob attack and beating in the Lakeview neighborhood had a break today, with the arrest of a suspect.   After viewing the video of the beating of a Depaul University student, investigator’s used the images to arrest suspect Darren Hayes.

Darren Hayes, is a 24-year-old man from Hammond.  After the video was released and Facebook heated up, the supect turned himself in to police. Hayes was charged with three counts of aggravated battery and felony mob action for the recent stabbing in “Boystown”.  However, the case is still open and police expect to arrest others involved in the attack.

In the past, many mob attacks have not been solved, but the video is said to be a huge part of solving the crime so quickly. The beating caused outrage in Chicago’s Lakeview area and a request for heightened police presence.  It was later learned that the stabbing and fight started after hateful slurs regarding the victims sexuality were yelled.

It is good to hear video is helping to solve crimes, let’ hope they catch the others involved.  Mob action cannot be tolerated.


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