17 Jul

The “World of The News” phone hacking scandal is rocking the Brit’s like nothing before.  First, newly resigned Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks was arrested today, now Britain’s top cop announced his resignation.

Brooks was arrested today, due to her possible involvement in phone tapping and payouts to cops for information.  Soon after her arrest Commission of Police, Sir Paul Stephenson, suddenly resigned saying he wants to keep the force from being “distracted.” He went on to say his integrity is “still in tact”, implying he is innocent.  Seriously?  If he was not guilty of participation, why wouldn’t he step up the investigation and come down hard on the suspects?  Innocent police rarely resign if they are not involved in a crime.

It seems like the newspaper tabloid went too far to please their readers. Maybe the Sun, The National Enquirer and other tabloids are now shaking in their boots.  Who else became unethical to sell papers?  It is sure to come out soon.  I always wondered how they seem to know about everyone’s personal lives so far in advance.  We know they hide behind trees to take photos, but tapping a phone is beyond criminal.

This whole scandal will stoop to a new low, if police are found to be involved in taking payoffs to supply personal information.  This is sure to cause more people to quit and certainly more arrests.  Ten have already been arrested, so down with the criminals.  Shame on them all!

Maybe Princess Diana is smiling down on this day.  Finally, some justice for the “right of privacy” for so many.


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