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Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel apparently is very sensitive about his children and believe they are “off-limits” when discussing politics.  He is known for his explosive temper and  it was confirmed yesterday during an interview with NBC Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern.  During her interview she questioned him about his decision to send his kids to private school versus Chicago public schools.  It set him off and he allegedly became enraged, getting in the reporter’s face and verbally attacking her..

During her questioning, he was so angry he allegedly pulled off the microphone and stormed out of the interview.  But not before giving her a lecture.  He is quoted as saying,  “Mary Ann, let me break the news to you. My children  are not in a public position, I am.  You’re asking  me a value statement and not a policy.  No, no, you have to appreciate  this. My children are not an instrument of me being mayor.  My children  are my children, and that may be news to you, and that may be new to  you, Mary Ann, but you have to understand that I’m making this decision  as a father.”

Ahern was obviously shocked at his temper and tried to save the interview, begging him to stay.  She then may have made a huge mistake by asking the cameraman to turn off the cameras.  Ahern felt it may be in her best interest, in her effort to calm him down and continue.  But that is apparently was not a good idea, it offered him an opening to rip into her with cameras off.  But isn’t it a reporter’s job to ask the tough questions?

When in public office, you open the door for your personal and public life to be put under a microscope.  While some agree he has the right to send his children to whatever school he wants, others find it hypocritical for a political to shun public schools.  If they are good enough for the residents of the City of Chicago, why wouldn’t they be good enough for the Mayor?

Well, many have very different opinions on his choice of schooling for his children, but all seem to agree with one thing regarding his temper.  Rahm Emanuel will need to learn how to control his anger during interviews, because the questioning will probably get worse during his time as Mayor.

What do you think?  Did our new Mayor get out of line with the reporter?  Should he send his children to private school?



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