23 Jul

One gunman went on a shooting spree in Norway Island of Utoya, killing 76 people including children.  The 32-year-old gunman dressed in a police uniform, randomly shot at the crowd of mostly teens for over an hour, with a terrifying and deadly outcome.  He finally surrendered to a SWAT team which arrived over an hour after they were called to the scene.

It seems like it took an extremely long time to receive assistance.  For this type of violence to continue without help from police for over an hour, is unheard of and a travesty. Police said the huge delay was due to their lack of quick access to a helicopter, and they also could not find a boat to make their way to the camp, which was several hundred yards offshore.

Very tragic day…unfortunately it was a retreat with mostly teens and small children. The youth-wing of Norway’s left-leaning Labor Party was holding a retreat, so many children lost their lives. The reason for the shooting has still not been released.  However, some reports suggest he may have been angry with the immigration laws, which allow extreme diversity.

UPDATE 7/25/11: Death toll reduced from 92 to 76 based on new reports.

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