26 Jul

McDonald’s announced today that the Happy Meal, will get a makeover.  Many have complained for years that the child-size meal is unhealthy for children, but is this going to be enough? 

The current Happy Meal has 89 grams of sugar and is 590 calories.  But going forward cuts will include; 1/2 the amount of french fries, 100 calories less, 20% less fat and 15% less sodium.  Well, most say it’s a start, but adding an apple and reducing some key elements does not make it healthy.  Sugar will still be at high levels and the toys will stay, which is the main attraction for kids.

While children do need to eat more nutritious foods, do we really believe McDonald’s is the culprit?  If the parents eat there too let’s face it, nutrition is probably not on their minds.


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Posted by on July 26, 2011 in HEADLINE NEWS


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