10 Aug

Warning Video Rated PG

Amanda Parker was boarding a plane when she noticed the man sitting next to her took up part of her seat. She is furious at the outcome and is now ranting about the situation, on many of the networks.  It is certain to cause more controversey because this is a long-standing issue with the airlines.

Parker was on a flight from California to Georgia, when she says she noticed a man was taking up a portion of her seat.  When she complained to him, he allegedly told her to “find another one”.  She then complained to the crew, but the airline only offered that she take another flight to resolve the dispute, but she refused.  Luckily another passenger stepped in and offered her seat to avoid further conflict. 

But in the end, was this right?  It will be interesting to see what the majority of people say regarding this situation.  If you pay hundreds of dollars for a seat, and someone is taking up part of it, should you take another flight?  Or should they pay for two seats?  Weight is a sensitive topic and many try to avoid addressing this issue, but what is fair? 

I would have to say if it were me, there is no way they could get me to agree to taking another flight.  No offense, but it seems unfair to have the person with the valid complaint be inconvenienced.  It’s not like planes have that much room in the first place, and flying is not cheap.  What do you think?

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