12 Aug

BILLIONAIRE George Soros is one of the world’s richest men and is worth $14 billion dollars.  He is a financier and philanthropist who may be learning a hard lesson late in life.

Soros is now being sued by his young ex-lover, who is the 28-year-old Brazilian actress, Adriana Ferreyrs.  She is upset that he gave away a multi-million dollar condo, which he promised her, to another woman.   The 80-year old billionaire is being sued by Ferreyrs for $50 million, for allegedly lying and severe harassment.  While she is being called a “gold digger”, it seems as though he should have known she was not after him for his good looks or youth.

This is being called one of the largest lawsuits by a jilted lover in history, and his attorneys are calling it a farce.  While her camp says she deserves it and they will fight for what she’s owed, this will be case for the record books.

The billionaire donates over $800 million per year, so what’s another $50 million?  He may want to pay her off and move on.  When I was that age, he would have had to pay me millions just to date him.


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