17 Aug

Many children are abducted each year and are never found.  It’s always sad to hear of families desperately searching for their loved ones in vain. But a family in New Mexico was lucky to have a neighbor who actually watched an abduction unfold and reacted quickly. 

During a short walk to a friend’s home, 6-year-old girl was pulled into a van by a man.  A husband-wife “rescue team” heard the girls screams and ran to help. Antonio Diaz Chacon ran after the man as his wife Martha dialed 911. The tapes were released and you hear Diaz telling a 911 operator, “We heard someone yelling, ‘hey, hey, let her go, let her go!’ My husband followed the van that they put that little girl in.”

According to the police report, the girl had been sent to get tostadas from a neighbor’s house and was on her way back, when 29-year-old Phillip Garcia allegedly grabbed her and pulled her into a van.

Thank goodness for quick and alert neighbors.  Let’s hope others follow their lead and also watch out for children in their neighborhood, to prevent future abductions.  While Chacon says “he’s no hero”, many others would disagree.

Good looking out!

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