21 Aug

The Illinois Lottery has seen a surge in sales since becoming privatized.  It is probably due to the new appeal and games implemented since the transition.  Today to add to the fresh new approach, if you click on, another update will be clear.  The exciting new website makes it easier to manuever, has much larger easy to read winning numbers and a splash of color.

In many instances, such as the Chicago parking meter buyout and private tolls, the takeover has been a disaster.  But this complete transformation of the Illinois Lottery is certain to receive a lot of praise.  Clearly the person now in charge, has a great team and is working toward a more refreshing marketing and promotions campaign.

Let’s hope the new changes increase the revenues generated for the school system and offers some type of bonus structure for the hard-working teachers out there.

“Hats off” to the new team, they have made incredible upgrades to the Illinois Lottery.  They also have the new “win for life” ticket which is a hit and other new varieties of instant games.  

Now if they could just let me win the millions…it would be simply perfect!


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