27 Aug

HURRICANE IRENE is expected to be a historic category 2 storm, which could affect 65 million people. Nine states have declared a state of emergency and requested assistance from the National Guard troops to help in rescues and other upcoming emergencies. 

New York city even has plans to shut down the subway at noon on Saturday and five airports. 5000 flights have already been canceled.  New updates expect the city to receive 6-12 feet of water.  Reports that the ground zero construction site will be flooded along with many other parts of the city.  Power outages are expected and food shortages may follow. 

In preparation for the storm, The Federal Emergency Management Agency has delivered bottled water, medicine and other supplies to staging bases in New Jersey, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Residents were given advance notice to evacuate the area or risk being without help, since most emergency staff will leave. 

Many residents quickly headed out-of-town, but found themselves with other worries on the way out.  Gas stations were rapidly running out of gas and roads were completely packed. Some were concerned that their cell phones would not be operable during the storm, but analyst predict they will still have service.

This hurricane likely will cause mass devastation, in a time where many are already experiencing tough economic times. Puerto Rico and the Bahamas already felt the wrath of this powerful storm and two towns were completely wiped out.  

It was unfortunate that the storm even caused the Martin Luther King dedication ceremony to be canceled, which was to unveil his new $120 million statue in Washington D.C.  President Obama and 250,000 others had planned to attend.

Let’s hope U.S. residents get out in time and are ready for what may be one of the most incredible storms in history. Seriously, what is happening to the earth’s weather patterns?  Is this a lead into the 2012 doomsday theory and the possibility that this is the end of the world as we know it?

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