28 Aug

Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z are expecting their first child.  While this was originally falsely reported about a year ago, this time there is truth to the story.  Beyoncé gave a stellar performance at the MTV Awards show last night, then at the end she proudly touched her belly to confirm the rumors.  She blushed as the crowd went wild along with Jay-Z getting an affectionate pat on the back by Kanye West.

Looks like the “Hollywood water” is creating a baby boom, because several others are reported to be expecting as well, according to the tabloids.  Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be pregnant with twins, along with the new Bachelorette Ashley Hubert and J.P. 

Beyoncé was on the path to having a baby back in 2008 based on the above video, so looks like a few years later her wish will come true.  Let’s just hope they don’t name the baby Jayonce:).

Good luck to them all!

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