06 Sep

The pressures of the economy seem to be taking its toll, but the true reason behind the shooting today at a Carson City Nevada IHOP restaurant is still unclear.  Apparently a man walked into the restaurant with an AK-47 assault rifle and opened fire on a group of people, just before shooting himself.

During this incredibly fast ambush, it left guests very little time to take cover.  Witnesses say he began shooting while still in the parking lot, also hitting an H & R Block and nearby Casino.  As he entered the IHOP he continued shooting his powerful weapon.  Unfortunately, the injured and deceased, included a group of fully uniformed National Guard members in the middle of a breakfast meeting.  It happened so fast that the gunman injured 6 and killed 2 of the National Guards.

Since military members were involved, a 40-minute lock-down immediately took effect on area State and Military buildings. The gunman, Eduardo Sencion, later died of his self-inflicted gunshots, and the motive is still unknown.

It is sad and senseless loss of lives. But the worst part is, we will probably never know exactly why he was clearly over the edge.

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