22 Sep

Tonight was day two of X-Factor and the emotional stories of hopes and dreams fulfilled, keep pouring in.  This time it was Dexter’s turn to receive his second chance and although he almost blew it, he managed to pull it off.

Dexter Haygood told his heart wrenching background of starting his singing career in the 80’s, even releasing an album, to then hitting rock bottom.  Before this opportunity to make a comeback, he could have just given up.  Living from a car and being homeless, after losing his house in a foreclosure, he still found enough courage and enthusiasm to make the audition.  His first song almost hurt his chances, due to his James Brown “cover act” performance, but lucky for him Simon Cowell allowed 15 seconds to redeem himself.  After taking a breath, he reached in deep and belted out a song as though he was truly singing for his life.  In retrospect he really was, because at 49-years-old not too many record labels would be jumping for joy to sign him up.  Good thing Simon saw his passion for music and helped push him through. It was touching to see his emotional response as he received the good news.  

The stand-out singers for the night were two extremely talented women.  Melanie Amaro, an 18-year-old college student had a mesmerizing voice.  When she sang the Beyoncé ballet “Listen”, it was as though the song was written for her.  Caitlin Koch, a 21-year-old Rugby Coach, took the popular Motown hit “Stop In The Name of Love” and completely made it her own.  She turned it into a totally different song and it sounded even better than the original.  Her soulful voice brought tears to Nicole’s eyes and absolutely made chills run through your body.  They were definitely both the best singers of the night.  And to go one step further, Caitlin was the best talent so far.

X-Factor is still working its magic.  Yes, it is similar to American Idol, but if they keep bringing the stories of hopes and dreams fulfilled, it will continue to reach more viewers.  After learning details of the contestants struggles, the audience is certain to vote more than on American Idol to make sure they receive the $5 Million dollar prize.  The huge stakes will clearly make watching until the final show, a must!

Is it just me, or does anyone else still have the song “Young Homie” stuck in their heads.  I still cannot believe the sheer talent of Chris Rene.  Looks like you can now by his original songthey move fast!

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