24 Sep

In a tragic twist, a young 14-year-old gay activist trying to break the cycle of bullies, committed suicide this week.  Jamey Rodemeyer recently posted a video on Youtube promoting the “It Gets Better” project hoping to speak out on behalf of other homosexuals being bullied. But this weekend it appeared too much to handle, so the Buffalo New York teen posted a farewell note online just before taking his own life.

Rodemeyer spoke out on Youtube about his experiences with bullies for being gay and his video was well received by supporters. This even included singing pop icon, Lady Gaga, who reached out to show she backed him 100%.  But backlash came along with the praise and this included “cyberbullies” who posted extremely disparaging comments, and now may face hate crime charges.

It is sad to hear that he felt the attacks so painful he could not bear it any longer. That his voice was not heard by the ones with a grudge.  Although there is strong debate and hatred towards many who are considered “different”, anyone could be a target for being bullied.  Maybe you are physically challenged, have weight issues, not popular with the in-crowd, are of the wrong race or ethnic group, or just don’t seem to fit in.  Before you judge anyone for any reason, it is important to remember you too could become a victim of bullies and pushed over the edge.  It is not important that you agree with a certain lifestyle, it is important that you respect others choices.  In the end “to each his own.”

Jamey Rodemeyers’ plight to educate others may not have happened in life, but maybe his message will be heard in death.  Let’s hope his tragic exit may be a lesson to all who bully others around the world.  Bullies are found in every culture, but no-one likes a bully.

R.I.P. – May the “It Gets Better” project help those in need of support.  Let’s hope it gets better.

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