24 Sep

The City of Chicago is having serious problems with controlling violence.  It is especially intense when it comes to the recent shootings, involving innocent victims which includes small children.  But it seems crime is now also reaching surrounding suburbs, including unlikely neighborhoods. 

It was reported that a smash-and-grab gang known has “The Felony Lane Gang” headed to Naperville  this week.  They move quickly and have targeted two parks, robbing victims then escaping so fast it is hard to identify them.  Police sent a warning area residents asking that they become more cautious. 

CBS reported that “The Felony Lane Gang” has at least 100 members.  If you live in the city or suburbs, it is time to keep your guard up, because this seems to be getting worse.  Naperville was named “most desired place to live” for goodness sakes!

Unfortunately, this may be a sign of the times, with the lagging economy and high unemployment rates in Chicago, some may now resort to theft to survive.  Let’s hope police officials get this under control quickly, we certainly don’t want  the crime to become out-of-control, like it currently is in Mexico.

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