27 Sep

It was announced today that City of Chicago top officials are considering adding a toll on Lake Shore Drive, in an effort to close the budget gap. This plan would have drivers paying for the use of LSD during rush hour traffic. 

In addition to that brilliant idea (not!), they are also in discussions about charging an income tax for suburban residents.  They claim it’s a way to bill suburbanite’s for using City of Chicago services. This is ridculous, seeing many people who live in the suburbs avoid going into the city for the most part.

It’s bad enough we now have to pay to go to the lake, now that our city officials added parking meters (during the middle of the night).  But to now have to pay money to use the road is pushing it.  If they move forward with this plan, I would take every side street in Chicago to avoid paying to use the pot hole filled LSD.

They have asked for all suggestions to help with this critical situation…well I have a few.  First off, it may be a good idea to stop wasting tax dollars on unnecessary programs that are pushed through for political reasons.  It would also help if someone would step up to the plate and end the corruption.  They may also want to take a closer look at city workers to make sure they are doing the work they’re paid to do. And enough with the parks and flowers!  Our city looks great, that money can be used elsewhere.  Those are just a few of my ideas, please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.  Maybe the city will take note.

Maybe selling the tolls and parking meters wasn’t such a good idea after all?  Where is all that money?  Come on Mayor Emanuel, we are counting on you to come up with a better plan.

I love Chicago, it is the best city in the world.  Let’s hope they don’t ruin it.

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