03 Oct

AMANDA KNOX was back in an Italian court today, waiting her fate. There were many different outcomes that the jury could decide.  Will she stay in jail, get more time, will she go home to Seattle?  She anticipated being set free today after appealing her arrest for murder…well, she was correct  The eight jurors have overturned her murder conviction, along with boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. 

The now 24-year-old Knox, was convicted of murdering her overseas college roommate, Meridith Kercher, while in Italy, along with her boyfriend. She was given 26-years in jail and has been incarcerated since her conviction back in 2008.  She has always claimed her innocence and relayed it again during her statement this morning.   

Knox looked completely stressed as she was escorted into court today, as seen in above video footage.  In Italy the jurors only need a majority vote to come to an agreement, and it looks as though they leaned in her favor.  Family members gasped as the verdict was read and some applause was heard as they read the murder charge was overturned. 

Although she has huge family support, many protestor’s were also against her.  Therefore, her release has caused mixed reaction.  Boos could be heard as she was escorted from the courthouse, drowning out the light cheers.  While she was led back to jail to get her belongings, she is expected to arrive back in Seattle very quickly.

Unfortunately, the family members of the murder victim were extremely disappointed at the outcome, and cried in disgust.

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