04 Oct

THE GOOD WIFE is one of the best shows on television and this season it continues to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Julianna Margulies fits the role like a glove and deserved to receive her recent Emmy for Best Actress in a drama.  The writers are also amazing along with the entire cast who have incredible chemistry.  I cannot get enough of the show!

There is only one serious disappointment this season, but it has nothing to do with the cast.  It has to do with the series being switched to Sunday nights.  Although it is a great night for television, the switch means that the show will be delayed on most nights due to the games that precede the line-up.  If you have Tivo it is difficult to schedule the taping without recording all shows on CBS or you risk losing the ending.  This really sucks!

While I love The Good Wife and will continue to watch no matter what, in my opinion the switch was not a good move by the programmers.  I truly hope this decision will not affect the ratings and force yet another outstanding show off the air.   Why do they always seem to mess with perfection?


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