05 Oct

DR. CONRAD MURRAY is charged in the death of Michael Jackson.  The above video produced back in 2009 shows him thanking his supporter’s.  It talks about his family and he seems so innocent.  But with this week’s trial highlighting three of his “girlfriends”, I wonder how much he can count on his “supporter’s” now.

This week the trial definitely does not seem to be leaning in his favor.  Jurors heard  the testimony from some of his ex-girlfriends; with amazing accounts of how he contacted them as Michael Jackson lay dying.  Dr. Murray even went as far to introduce one of the star struck women to the pop icon.  Jurors also had the painful task of listening to recorded audio of Jackson, completely incapacitated.  It sounded as though he were drunk and it was extremely hard to understand his words.  What a sad thing for his fans and family to have to listen to, after his unnecessary death.  At first it sounded like another person altogether, not the superstar who had fans around the world.

Why would Dr. Murray feel the need to post this video, he certainly may have thought differently after this week’s revealing testimony.  Whether he gave the lethal dose of Propofol or not, it’s clear, he made a lot of mistakes along the way and it was certainly for the money.  Greed is a powerful thing.


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