10 Oct

The LIFETIME original “Five” aired tonight bringing breast cancer awareness to light.  It is an inspiring movie which combines five short films, revolving around women with breast cancer, and how it affects their lives.

Director’s Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Demi Moore, Patty Jenkins and Penelope Spheeris did an incredible job bringing the characters to life. The writers, actors and producers get a standing ovation. They took the stories of these women and created memorable and inspiring moments which everyone can relate to.

It was well acted by amazing actors who captured your attention from the first moment they hit the screen.   Although it had touching scenes which tugged at your heart, spurts of humor kept it uplifting. The movie is inspiring for anyone who knows someone fighting through a tough battle with cancer or experiencing it themselves.

If you missed it, definitely check back for the replay because you will be glad you watched this amazing film. What a well-made movie and a great tribute to the survivors who fight through this horrific disease every day and to those who have lost the battle.

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer, so we are all certain to be affected by this disease at some point.  Perfect ending phrase…Learn from yesterday…Live for today…Hope for tomorrow.  

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