13 Oct

It’s a good thing there is no baseball tonight and The X-Factor is back!  Tonight the contestants were lucky enough to travel to the judges lavish homes to begin their mentorship program.  This must have added to their stress level, but had to be truly exciting.

But can we just stop for a moment to say WOW, were their homes spectacular or what?  Viewing luxury homes will definitely inspire them to see what they can acheive if they win the competition.  The best spot was for the girls who had the opportunity to visit France and have Simon mentor them.

They were surprised and pleased to hear guest judges would be on hand to help in the process.  Rihanna headed to L.A. Reid’s home to help the guys, Pharrell helped Paula Abdul mentor the groups and the sexy Enrique Iglesias jumped on board with Nicole Scherzinger to work with the 30+ singers.  Poor Simon, his guest judge Mariah Carey was a “no show” due to a flight delay, which was a disappointment for the girls.  But Simon likes to be the center or attention, so he seemed fine sitting back watching them sing through his cool dark shades.

The ability to be intimately mentored by judges offers them a better chance of performing at a higher level right out the gate.  It should make for an exciting show down the road. This is what sets X-Factor apart from American Idol and seems like a better way to help new singers break out into the music industry.  If I could sing (and no I can’t), this would definitely be my pick for a competition to enter.

So on the negative points, Dexter singing “Crazy” was fitting for how he looked, it was an awful song choice for him.  While it was good to see him get a second chance, this probably was not the show for him.  The other disappointment, which was not a surprise, was Simone Battle.  Although she is attractive her “fierceness” is not backed up with her singing abilities.  It’s unfortunate someone better lost their spot to her, she needs to go home.

Many of the others were good, but nerves may have gotten the best of them.  While it must be uncomfortable to sing in front of very few people, this was a huge opportunity and some may have blown it. There were no true stand-outs with the exception of Stacy Francis singing the Prince favorite “Purple Rain“, boy can she blow!  It’s such a shame she was held back in her youth, where she would have had a better chance to succeed.  She is someone to remember, when you are missing your opportunities.  And Poor Phillip Lomax having to sing a Rihanna song in front of her…how scary.  But he did a really good job and held his own.

The X-Factor is addictive, can’t wait for Sunday night but let’s hope there is NO baseball.  We cannot take another cancellation of this amazing show.

And on a side note, Simon you could have called me to help…seriously, I’ve been asking.  Next time, feel free to look me up!



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  1. spambrando

    October 14, 2011 at 8:26 am

    What are you, 12? You have got to be the most moronic “reviewer” I’ve ever seen. Go back and re-watch the episode and then come back and review it like a big girl. Don’t use your mother’s pic in place of your own or if this really is you, get off your ill-informed pedestal and let someone capable take over. You are apparently one of the clueless that think you know what you’re talking about. Amazing that you can’t even zero in on the fact that all the performances were post-productions, either enhanced or distracting from the actual performance, depending on whether TPTB want them to continue or not. And the ever-eternal sob stories? Puh-leeze. Ridiculous already. What started out a few years as a nice little back-story on a contestant’s journey to get to a show has become overwrought, boring and pathetic attempt to squeeze sympathy out of the viewers for a particular singer/group. The whole show is a sorry catastrophe, with this week’s episodes nothing more than a couple of segments that should have been names “Pimp My Crib”.

    • brittaj

      October 15, 2011 at 12:04 am

      Thanks for thinking I am 12! It is great to stay young…:). It is my blog and my opinion, if you have other thoughts maybe you can start your own blog and put it to paper. It is good to see someone with so much passion over a tv show. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Josefine

    October 16, 2011 at 10:44 am

    A nice blog and I too am hoping for no baseball tonight.

    But you have accidently switched the guest judges around. Enrique Iglesias helped Nicole with the over 30’s and Pharrell helped Paula with the groups.

    • brittaj

      October 17, 2011 at 9:49 am

      Thanks Josfine! I will update with your feedback:)


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