26 Oct

Illinois ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich had a very bad week.  First he heard that an emergency meeting was called to discuss the possibility of him losing his pension. The State pension board went on to say his request would be frozen.  Then today, he received news that his law license has been suspended.  What a waste…you study hard and long to pass the bar exam and for this to happen!  But that’s what comes after you are convicted of a felony.

And all this terrible news comes just months after being convicted of public corruption, including the sale of Barack Obama’s Senate seat.

Well, at least there was one ray of light…Patti Blagojevich landed a new job!  It looks like she may need to be the bread-winner in the family for a while. But don’t get too excited, skeptics question if it truly is a new gig, since it is registered to the home they recently put on the market.

Let’s hope other corrupt Politicians (not that I’m saying he is, since he has professed his innocence) take notes on where they may end up if caught.   But I guess that is wishful thinking, they seem to keep making the same mistakes.  Remember Blago did replace Ryan and we all know how that ended up…oh well.

But wait…Blago said “I am  innocent!” over and over again, so maybe they are ALL wrong for what they are doing to the poor guy.  Hummmmmm?

You have to watch above video once more, it is interesting to hear him talk about Rahm Emanuel now that he is Chicago’s Mayor.

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