29 Oct

Chicago Politicians are pushing to cut the penalty for those caught with less 10 grams of marijuana.  If passed, the new law would reduce penalty from jail time, to a $200 fine and community service.

While some skeptics believe this may cause teens to believe smoking pot is cool, others believe it will free up jail cells, police power and court time, saving the city millions.  This would not hold true for those who are suspected of distributing the drug, only those using it for leisure.

It is a fine line, but let’s face it, the police need to spend more time catching the criminals currently on a shooting spree.  Robberies, shootings and rapes seem to be at an all-time high.  I would rather a guy sitting on the couch smoking a joint, than a robber sticking me up on the street.

Let’s face it, the city of Chicago is trying every way possible to generate revenue.  Tickets going to be given for anything possible, this new law will probably pass.  More cameras means tickets…higher fees mean more revenue…raise the parking meters….what else, oh yeah a ticket for smoking pot!

What do you think?  Should they reduce the penalty or would this make things worse?  Post your comments.

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Posted by on October 29, 2011 in HEADLINE NEWS


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