07 Nov

Legendary news reporter, Andy Rooney, died at the age of 92-years-old on Friday in a New York hospital of complications following minor surgery.  It’s surprising that doctors would still perform an operation at his age, but at least he lived a long fruitful life.

His love for his job was obvious since he continued to work well-beyond retirement; resigning from his long stint at 60-Minutes just a few weeks ago.

I remember watching him over the years complaining about the many things that really annoyed him.  He would make me laugh as he grew older, because he seemed more like a grumpy old man than a reporter.  His commentary will be missed, but his decades of work will not be forgotten.  He was definitely a “love him or hate him” kind of guy, but very memorable.

It’s amazing to think that he joined CBS back in 1949.  When will that happen again in our lifetime?  Most people starting a job in today’s times will be lucky if they hold it for more that a few years.  With his passing is a reminder about how different things are today.  Rooney’s intense loyalty and passion for his profession will continue to fade away, as companies become less loyal to their employees.

In a tribute to Andy Rooney, here is my gripe…When will employers begin to treat their employees fairly and appreciate them again as they did in the past.  Big companies today seem to only care about their bottom line and profitability, not service and longevity.  It was no shock that many businesses closed their doors during the recession.  Had they looked out for their employees more, during their peak, maybe they would have been agreeable with changes needed to sustain through difficult times.  They continue to layoff workers and cut corners, as their greed takes over and their 40% profit is cut to 25%.  But they are still making billions of dollars, so why do they always need more?  Why do the top executives keep their high multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses?  Who really needs all those millions to survive?  The answer is nobody…that’s why so many are participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement in Chicago and around the globe.

That’s for you…R.I.P Mr. Rooney.

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